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Which road do I take..

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Jan. 7th, 2008 | 08:40 pm

I am in a middle of a road and need to pick a path. Thats my goal this year is to figure things out and go down a path and stick with it.

I went to the doctor today and learned just about nothing with whats wrong with me. I did learn about my blood results and they came back with High blood pressure and High cholesterol and and high thyroid but not high enough to be on meds or to be to worried about I just have to be checked yearly on it and try and do things better with my health like no fast food anymore or soda which is going to be hard when I go back to school....yikes.

I am being tested for a bunch of things so we will see what comes out of those if they learn anything to what the hell is wrong with me. I really hope they do because this is crappy.

So yeah thats my update nothing to interesting but something to write about.


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