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Starting new...

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Dec. 12th, 2007 | 04:14 pm
I feel...: busybusy

Yes its true me and Bryce really have broken up...I thought maybe he would take it back but he didn't so I am in the process of moving on and getting over it. He wants to see other people its been brought up before and he wants to be able to know if he was really happy with me because he has nothing to compare it to so he wants to see what else is out there. Sure I understand it but doesn't mean thats how I see or want it but its a two way street when it comes to a couple and if one wants something else the other either deals with it or suffers, I am in the process of dealing with it but suffering at the same time.

On another note I have one more final which is tomorrow and then off to christmas break with my family and that will help me keep my mind of things and will be relaxing at the same time. Plus I get to hang out with friends and thats really what I need right now is just to be with people and have a good time.

Thats about it I just thought I should talk more then just a straight up hey we broke up. Ok well hope to see lots of people over break peace!
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